About the Author

Richard N. FunkDr. Richard N. Funk is a retired Senior State Policy Analyst for the Governor’s Office in Austin. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and has done extensive research in both Roman and Mayan history.

Richard and his wife Judy live just outside Austin in the beautiful Texas Hill country. They have two sons and daughters-in-law and a new granddaughter, all who still live in Austin.


3 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. The book is WONDERFUL and so are the Funks!

  2. The Winds of the Gods
    (A story that takes you to the Mayan temples with no need to buy a flight ticket)
    A thriller story that is a must read for those with quest for accurate and detailed historical stories.

    Dr. Richard. N. Funk
    The Winds of the Gods.

    The Winds of the Gods
    Like you never felt it before


    Editorial Review:

    Ancient Mayan temples and buildings are covered with glyphs that no one can translate. But Dr. Elena Juarez, a brilliant first-year archeology professor at the University of Texas, believes she has developed a system for their interpretation-except for one problem. The unethical dealings of her former mentor, Paul Ambrose, have made her career, her reputation and the validity of her research suspect. Elena can only vindicate herself and validate her research by finding reliable samples of Mayan early developmental writing. she must find a virgin Pre-Classic site for her summer dig where such samples might be discovered. As she begins her quest for the site that will prove her theory, she experiences disturbing visions of a robed apparition. Clue by clue this spirit-guide seems to draw her toward Acatenango, an ancient volcano in Southern Guatemala. Born in the shadow of this great volcanic mountain, Elena was forced to flee the country with her father during a bloody political upheaval. Is it just coincidence that now leads her back to her birthplace or is it something more?

    Now available in kindle from amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

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